Jiaxing Air Base
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Current Local Date and Time at CN-0154
1 Jul 2015 23:09:56
Current Weather Conditions at CN-0154
No Records
: CN-0154
: Jiaxing Air Base
: Medium Airport
: Jiaxing
: Zhejiang
: China (CN)
: Asia (AS)
: 713
: 30.70664024
: 120.6806107
: -
: -
: CN-0154
Jiaxing Air Base Runway Details
ID Airport Ref Airport Code Length Width Surface
Airports near Jiaxing
 Airport Codes Airport Municipality Distance
 ZSHC, HGH Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Hangzhou36.09 miles
 CN-0153 Jianqiao/Hangzhou Airfield Hangzhou36.64 miles
 ZSSZ, SZV Guangfu Airport Suzhou41.86 miles
 ZSSS, SHA Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Shanghai51.57 miles
 CN-0171 Shanghai Longhua Airfield Shanghai55.78 miles
 ZSWX, WUX Wuxi Airport Wuxi56.43 miles
 CN-0145 Changzing Air Base Changxing59.17 miles
 CN-0169 Shanghai Dachang Air Base Shanghai60.72 miles
 CN-0173 Shanghai Jiangwan Airfield Shanghai65.01 miles
 ZSPD, PVG Shanghai Pudong International Airport Shanghai73.15 miles
Heliports near Jiaxing
 Airport Codes Airport Municipality Distance
 HK-0003 Peninsula Hotel Helipad Hong Kong706.20 miles
 HK-0002 Heli-Tours Helipad Hong Kong706.82 miles
 VHST Shun Tak Heliport Hong Kong707.53 miles
 HK-0005 Cheung Chau Helipad Cheung Chau Island716.37 miles
Location Map of Jiaxing Air Base

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