Bandanaira Airport
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Current Local Date and Time at ID-NDA
24 May 2015 01:23:05
Current Weather Conditions at ID-NDA
No Records
: Bandanaira Airport
: Small Airport
: Bandanaira-Naira Island
: Maluku
: Indonesia (ID)
: Asia (AS)
: 832
: -4.533329964
: 129.8999939
: 37
Bandanaira Airport Runway Details
ID Airport Ref Airport Code Length Width Surface
Airports near Bandanaira-Naira Island
 Airport Codes Airport Municipality Distance
 WAPA, AHI Amahai Airport Amahai-Seram Island105.89 miles
 WAPB Bula Airport Bula-Seram Island106.95 miles
 WAPV Wahai,Seram Island Seram Island122.22 miles
 WAPP, AMQ Pattimura Airport, Ambon Ambon137.14 miles
 WASF, FKQ Fakfak Airport Fakfak-Papua Island197.61 miles
 WAPL, LUV Dumatumbun Airport Langgur-Seram Island209.83 miles
 WAPR, NAM Namlea Airport Namlea-Buru Island212.81 miles
 WAPO Larat, Kepulauan Larat Kepulauan Larat221.40 miles
 WAPG, NRE Namrole Airport Namrole-Buru Island224.72 miles
 WASI, INX Inanwatan Airport Inanwatan Airport-Papua Island227.88 miles
Heliports near Bandanaira-Naira Island
 Airport Codes Airport Municipality Distance
 ID-0009 Dili Heliport Dili-Timor Island409.03 miles
 ID-0007 Malinau Heliport Malinau-Borneo Island917.30 miles
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