Charter Flight FAQs

Is Jet Request a charter jet broker or charter jet operator?

Jet Request is not an operator.  We are an information portal and deal finder with regards to empty legs and transient aircraft.  At times, we will serve as a charter broker for private clients.  We strongly encourage brokers and operators to use in their every day practices.  We also strongly encourage private travelers to research the site and then utilize the services of their favorite charter jet broker.

How do I charter a private jet?

To charter empty legs or transient aircraft, go to the Empty Legs page or the Transient Availability page.  Find an availability that is similar to your desired itinerary, click on its link, fill out your contact information and requirements, then "Submit Your Jet Request".  An operator will contact you directly with pricing!

For other round trips, call or email your favorite private jet charter broker and give him or her your request!

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

Private jet charter costs between $1,500 per hour and $12,000 per hour.  Prices vary based on the aircraft size, class, type, and availability.  Additional fees can include international fees, taxes, de-icing, landing fees, overnight fees, and others.

How many private jets can I choose from?

There are over 5,000 private jets in the world for you to choose from.  But remember, if you want a specific jet, there is a possibility that it will have to re-position for you.

How many airports can I fly to?

Private jet charter opens up the world of airports for you.  There are over 46,000 airports in the world (over 16,000 in the United States alone)-- that is roughly 45,000 more airports than the international ones the general public is accustomed to.  These additional airports provide much better time and proximity convenience for private jet flyers.  As long as the airport has a runway over 5,000 feet, you should be able to fly into it.  For airports with runways under 5,000 feet, you could consider lighter jets, turboprops, or piston aircraft that can safely make landings in a shorter distance.

What are the safety standards of private jet charter?

The safety standards for most private jet charter companies are as follows:

  • All private aircraft must be Federal Aviation (FAR) Part 135 regulated.
  • All private aircraft must carry a maintenance log stating when the last inspection was completed.
  • All private aircraft must have two pilots, type certified for that particular aircraft.
  • No private aircraft may use any airport unless it is deemed safe for the proposed operation.
  • All runways must be five thousand feet or greater for operation under FAR Part 135.
  • All pilots are required to hold an instrument rating of an airline transport certificate with an airplane category rating.
  • All pilots must be type rated for the private aircraft which is to be used.
  • Up to $350,000,000 insurance carried on flights (depending on carrier and private aircraft used. Please consult with your aviation specialist when booking your flight).
  • Private aircraft used typically are rated ARG/US and/or Wyvern-compliant, meeting the industry’s highest standards.

What are the security standards of private jet charter?

Security is a high priority for most private flyers.  Most private airports and general aviation terminals are secluded from the high volume traffic that plagues commercial terminals.  Since jet charter clients rent the entire jet as opposed to one seat at a time, you can take comfort in knowing that the only passengers on board the aircraft are the ones chosen to accompany your group.  If extra security or armed guards are needed, please ask your jet charter broker to assist or inquire with one of our Advertising Partners.

What are the advantages of chartering a private jet as opposed to flying first class?

  • Time Savings- travel time to the airport is decreased because you can depart from private airports closer to your home or office.  Moreover, you can select the time you want to depart so that your itinerary fits into your busy schedule.  And you do not have to wait in long security lines at the commercial airports.  In many cases, you can leave your car and be taxiing in the plane within 10 minutes.
  • Security- you fly with only the people you choose to fly with because you are renting the entire jet when chartering.  This means you will not have to worry about unruly passengers possibly causing the plane to be diverted or grounded.
  • Privacy- you can have open and honest business discussions without jeopardizing company intelligence. 
  • Productivity- as mentioned in privacy, you will be able to work continuously through your flight if you choose to: open conversations, quiet environment, spread out your documents, and in many cases you will be able to use phones, faxes, and internet.
  • Flexibility- if you are running late or early, the plane will go when you are ready.

How do I plan my itinerary?

When creating your charter jet itinerary, the first things you need to know are the dates you want to travel and where you want to travel to and from.  After that, decide how many people will be travelling with your party.  Other things you should take into consideration are the times you would like to depart and/or arrive, any specific amenities you might need, and any special services you desire.  Once all of those details have been decided, contact your favorite private jet charter broker and let him or her find the best aircraft options available for your itinerary.

How do I select which private jet is best for me?

Initially, you should give your itinerary to your private jet charter broker.  He or she will then source mission appropriate aircraft and give you a few options based mainly on number of passengers and trip distance.  From those options, you could select based on safety standards, price, speed, or even what the interior looks like.  Eventually, you will find one private jet that you like more than the others and you can request it first each time you fly.

How far in advance should I book my trip?

The great thing about chartering private jets is that you can secure one whenever you want.  If you want to book a jet 1 year in advance, you can!  If you need to depart in the next 3 hours, you can find a plane for that as well!  You can find deals at any point along the time line.  It all depends on the supply and demand at the time- which is why Empty Legs and Transient Aircraft can provide you even better deals.

How much luggage can I bring?

Baggage space differs by aircraft size, class, and type.  Light jets typically have enough storage space for each passenger to bring a small overnight bag.  Midsize jets allow for passengers to bring small suitcases or duffel bags.  Heavy jets typically have the space for each passenger to bring a full sized suitcase.  If you have a lot of heavy luggage, skis, or golf clubs, you will want to inform your charter jet broker or operator to make sure everything will fit safely and comfortably.

Can I smoke on the plane?

Many private aircraft are non-smoking.  However, there are still many that will allow it.  If you require a smoking aircraft, inform your jet charter broker so he can make sure to find a plane that can accomodate your needs.  In some instances, there will be extra charges for cleaning the cabin and purifying the air after your flight.

Can I bring my pets on the plane?

Most private charter aircraft allow you to bring your pets on the trip.  And yes, they get to ride in the cabin with you!  Some planes might have pet size restrictions.  And some might not allow it at all.  Please let your jet charter broker know in advance if you plan to bring along your non-human best friends.

Who is the owner of the aircraft I charter?

The owners of the aircraft you charter are typically wealthy individuals and large corporations.  They have found that for business and personal purposes, it makes sense to own their own aircraft.  But since they will not be flying around the clock, they have decided to reduce some of their expenses by contracting FAA registered Jet Charter Operators to maintain, manage, operate the aircraft for charter.

Who maintains the aircraft I charter?

The aircraft you charter is maintained by the Charter Jet Operator.  They make sure that the aircraft is always inspected and maintained by FAA licensed and certified technicians who are trained to maintain and repair specific aircraft makes and models subject to the aircraft manufacturer's specifications as approved by the FAA.

What do I do if I have special transportation needs?

With the wide variety of private aircraft in the world, you should be able to have all of your special transportation needs met.  Medical transport, air cargo, unattended children, disabled passengers, and many more requests can be accomodated.  If you need additional ground transportation or armed security, that can be provided as well.  Any reputable and knowledgeable private jet charter broker will be able to ensure you have the correct aircraft and accomodations for your needs.  Just let them know ahead of time.

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