Advertise with Jet Request is a private jet charter information portal and deal finder.

The goal of is to keep private flyers (frequent and future) informed of must-attend events, great deals, and the latest happenings in private travel.

This is THE "go-to site" for flyers who want to be kept up to date.

Who uses this website?

Charter Brokers
Private Flyers
Charter Operators (daily when uploading empty legs)
Charter Operators (when looking for additional lift)
People who influence flyers
People interested in private jets
People interested in private travel
People who find the blog and articles interesting

Private Flyers are high end purchasers and are typically influencers of the world. Assistants to private flyers do a lot of the booking and have influence over the flyers’ decisions in travel.

Brokers and Operators are influencers of the high end spenders for the simple fact that they are in constant communication with these Private Flyers and their assistants/representatives.

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Who would be a great fit for advertising on the website?

Travel Sector
Clothing Sector
Travel Accessory Sector
Luxury Brands
Purveyors of Information
Wealth Managers, Attorneys, and Insurers
Destinations and Excursions
… and everyone else who believes their products or services are worthy of the world’s financial and influential elite.

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"I received a flight request our second day on the site. ROI realized and more. Also, it's very easy to use- a couple minutes every couple days to update the legs and I'm done."
"We looked all around for the best place to advertise. Jet Request just had the best combination of high traffic, quality visitors, and a global reach."
How do I advertise on Click here to go to the advertising management page. The process is VERY simple and
should take about 5 minutes.

When you are on the advertising management page:

1. Click "Buy Now" for each zone in which you would like to advertise.
2. Scroll to the top of the screen and click on your cart (it is a green square area)
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4. Enter your Alternative Text, directed Link, upload your Creative Content, and click "Save".
5. Click on "Step 2: Billing Information"
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Advertising Partners by Category

We only allow a maximum of 3-5 advertisers in any particular business category to:
- limit competition
- limit saturation
- make sure you get the best advertising value is a private jet charter information portal and deal finder. It is designed to keep private travelers (both frequent and future) informed of great deals, must-attend events and the latest happenings in the world of private jets and luxury travel.

Jet Request is THE "go-to site" for travelers who want to be kept up to date and in the know.  So look around and then rent private jet charter flights today! is not an operator. is an information and content website for private travelers and those interested in private aviation. In most instances, the website connects flyers and jet charter brokers directly to air charter operators who can provide the desired service.

All flights are operated by part 135 carriers. Operators providing service for clients must meet standards set forth by the FAA for safety, security and service. does not own, manage, or operate aircraft. acts as an information portal for our clients seeking charter air transportation and assists them in finding the best operators for private jets.